Birthday Partay

For the record, I do not remember the last time I had a birthday party. My husband was shocked when I told him I wanted one this year.

He said something like, “You’ve never wanted a party.”

“Well I do now.”


“Maybe I just want to have people over, and my birthday is a good excuse.”

“Why do you need an excuse?”

“I dunno…”

So I invited a dozen of my best friends, made a boat-load of sweet potato salad, and bought brats, hotdogs, fruit and booze.


Then I got all Pinterest-y and picked up mason jars, paper straws and napkins from Target.



The little flags are washi-tape and they double as drink-identifying name tags. Yeah, I know…it’s almost too cute for an adult party.



Mmmm. Mojitos and Sangria. Happy happy birthday!


Mojitos are my favorite summer drink. Limes are freaking expensive though, so this was a treat :)

The sangria was a piece of cake. Just mix and serve:

  • 2 bottles dry red wine.
  • 1.75 liters pineapple-orange juice
  • 1 cup brandy
  • Sliced fruit
  • Ice

Easy. Done. But, next time I’ll double it to fill up the drink dispenser. I did not realize it would hold so much. And I should have known my friends would be thirsty enough to drink it all…



Some of my pottery made an appearance.



And my friends’ little boy needed an activity, so he picked flowers for the table.



I had so much fun. Not in the Woooo it’s my birthdaaaaay kinda fun. I am not 21…But I got to see a few people who I don’t get to see that often anymore.  And I ate enough sweet potato salad for 4 people, and drank delicious drinks, and laughed for hours. It was awesome.

Then I nursed my hangover all afternoon on Sunday. But it was totally worth it, so I guess I’m not too old to have fun. :D

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