Recycled sweater blanket


I started this stupid project a year ago. I got so frustrated with it that I threw everything in a bag and threw the bag in a closet. But fall crept up on us this past week—it’s damn chilly when I walk to work at 6:30 am. So I’ve had snugly, cozy things on my mind. I remembered this sweater blanket. So I dug it out, and realized that it was actually almost done.

So I powered through, and it didn’t end up too puckered—it’s way better than some (not all) I’ve seen online.


All the sweaters I used were ugly and oversized from local thrift stores. (Some were stained…I cut around the stains, but the photo looks a bit off. I think the white just reflected all the other colors in the room.) I originally wanted to find a bunch of wool sweaters and felt them, because Dave destroyed one of his sweaters by putting it in the dryer, and I wanted to use it for something. But wool was really hard to find! So these are all cotton (some might be a blend). No 100% acrylic. Acrylic is yucky. I washed and dried all the sweaters when I brought them home. Threw the finished blanket in the dryer for awhile to get rid of some of the fuzzies from the cut ends. So I have hopes that it’ll be relatively durable.

I don’t know if the stitching technique I used has a name, but basically I used the widest zigzag stitch setting on my machine, and sewed the pieces together with about 1/2″ of overlap. Not right sides together like for quilting, but one on top of the other. And making sure to stitch close to the edge of the one piece, then I went back and stitched close to the edge of the other piece. So each connection has 2 lines of stitching—it holds the raw edges down, and makes the seam sturdier and a bit smoother. There’s a couple crazy spots, but oh well—it’s warm!

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