Desserts I need to eat

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I’m currently on a crazy diet to complement my athletic training. Pretty much restricted to dairy/eggs, fruits and vegetables for the time being. Beans, grains, nuts, etc are OK, but only in small, infrequent doses. (If I ate meat, that would be OK, too. But no. Not going there.)

Wait, no(t to much) grains? But I love bread. I work in a bakery! It’s maddening.

Ice cream is still cool, though. AND I got a Kitchen Aid ice cream attachment for my birthday. So I made this Brown Sugar Nectarine Ice Cream. It’s ridiculously good.

Now all I can think about is dessert.

On my list of food to bake:

Oh, and maybe something that’s not dessert…Oh who am I kidding. I can totally live off of cottage cheese and pie.

2 Responses to “Desserts I need to eat”
  1. janice says:

    You are your mother’s daughter!
    Not so sure about the cottage cheese though.