Curtains in the bedroom




I finally splurged on curtains. Got these babies on sale at Target, and added the loops at the top myself. But curtain rods weren’t marked down much, so I made my own!

The brackets were from the ugly curtain rods at our old apartment. I spray painted them white. Added a tree branch that dropped off our walnut tree in the back yard and BLAM—a pretty sweet little curtain rod.

No, it’s not possible to slide the curtains open and closed, but these curtains are kinda sheer so they’re not going to do a lot anyway—they just look good.

I might add some privacy film or a shade over the glass. Not sure about that yet. I added a shade to the window over the bed. (That window faces our neighbor’s house.) It’s just a panel of off-white linen that was left over from an old project. Hemmed the edges, sewed a pocket at the top, strung it up with a plain tension rod and called it good.


Update: I forgot to mention that I got the idea from Apartment Therapy.

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